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It is the case that DHT sensitivity creates the most favorable conditions for androgenic alopecia, though it is also the case that there are sometimes other genetic or environmental factors that have a hand in the initiation and then ongoing maintenance of gradual loss of hair. En ese momento, Upjohn estaba ocupado abordando los problemas de seguridad relacionados con la solicitud de licencia para el minoxidil oral para el tratamiento de la hipertensión, y no comenzó los ensayos clínicos de la formulación tópica para la alopecia androgenética y la alopecia areata hasta 1978. The easy reason for this really is that even though thousands might have been used on the initial analysis establishing these actually remarkable qualities with regard to combating thinning hair, it may cost millions for you to win this imaginary government endorsement.

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Though stem cells, undifferentiated cells that can become a variety of specific cells, has been lauded as a potential means of regenerating organs or turning back the wheels of time, there's logically no reason why they couldn't also be turned into hair restorers.

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